CourseThe 90-Minute Sight-Reading Solution

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The 90-Minute Sight-Reading Solution

Want to learn how to read piano music quickly? Does it take you forever to learn one piece of music? Have you been playing for a while but still can't read all of the notes? It's because your understanding of the fundamentals of music is not clear enough.

But you've come to the right place! This course is jam-packed with extremely detailed, in-depth material, making it the perfect beginner's guide into the sight-reading world.

Guaranteed to have you read your first three pieces of music in minutes!

Best of all, your teacher is not only a pianist and piano teacher, but she is also a success coach, making this course a delicate and ideal balance of instruction with encouragement.

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What you'll get:

5 Modules

4 Videos (totaling over 90 minutes of instruction)

10 Page PDF of Sheet Music

28 E-Flashcards for Rhythm Practice

6 Worksheets

6 Answer Keys

5 Mp3 Files for Checking Your Music



  • Original Sheet Music for Practice
  • Rhythm E-flashcards
  • Note-Reading Worksheet
  • Recorded Music of Pieces to Check Your Notes
  • Detailed, 42-Minute Video including the following lessons:

1. Sight-Reading Essentials #1

  • Time signatures
  • Grand Staff
  • Note Recognition

2. Sight-Reading Essentials #2

  • Practice Exercises with Counting

3. Sight-Reading Essentials #3

  • YOUR BULLETPROOF CHECKLIST of sight-reading excellence
  • Actually read through your first three pieces


25-Minute Sight-Reading Guidance Video

Read 5 more pieces

  • New Note-Reading Worksheet
  • Rhythm Worksheet
  • Answer Key for Last Lesson's Worksheet
  • Music to Check Your Notes


17-Minute Sight-Reading Guidance Video

Read 5 more pieces

  • New Note-Reading Worksheet
  • Answer Keys for Last Lesson's Worksheets
  • Music to Check Your Notes


12-Minute Sight-Reading Guidance Video

Read 10 more pieces

  • New Note-Reading Worksheet
  • Answer Key for Last Lesson's Worksheet
  • Music to Check Your Notes


Finish up reading all your sheet music and review

  • Two New Note-Reading Worksheets
  • Answer Keys for Last Three Worksheets

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